Making your own compost is not only possible in your urban residence but more ecological and so simple !

Of course you will reduce the waste volume, but beyond that you will allow organic matter to go back again to its state of authentic living soil.

At Compost Urbain we manufacture ultra lightweight and compact silos, suited for small kitchens and balconies.

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Ventilated and compact Compost

With constant evaporation wet parts of waste will loose some volume, providing a healthier and well balanced compost. This also prevents all kinds of pests, flies, smells and leakages.

Composting with or without worms

Some like them, some don't, but composting remains possible even without worms. In natural soils, mushrooms, bacteria and micro fauna species turn organic matter into humus, with the worms only giving a final touch.

Composting outdoor or indoor

We use furniture-grade fabric and wood for indoor silos, weatherproof PVC canvas or metal finishing for outdoor ones. Our silos are somehow stylish, ranging from sober black to bright colors and flashy designs. © 2020.